Catalogs and Specification Sheets

Nice Price Book 2017

Cutsheet 8300 8500

Cutsheet 3501

Cutsheet 1500 1550 1551

Cutsheet 1050 Board

Cutsheet TITAN12L

Cutsheet 4300 4500

Cutsheet 7251 7351

Cutsheet 1724

Cutsheet MBAR LBAR

2017 Era INN

Elero catalogue 2015 us

Era 2017 catalog

Nice Awning Brochure

Era MAT Small Series

MBAC1K specification sheet

Opera specification sheet

Oview specification sheet

H12 specification sheet

Cutsheet Inti ERA OXIA

Cutsheet Keypad Photoeyes

Gate Operator and Controls Manuals

Quickstart 936

Manual edswg

TITAN12L1 User manual

Manual 936

1050 Control Board Manual

1500/1600 Installation Manual

15501K/16501K Installation Manual

1724 Installation Manual

4300/4500 Installation Manual (English)

4300/4500 Installation Manual (French)

Limit switch wiring addendum 4000 series

8300/8500 Installation Manual (English)

8300/8500 Installation Manual (French)

LPR3 Loop Board Manual

35001K/36001K Installation Manual

T51K/T71K Installation Manual

H121K Installation Manual

M121K Installation Manual

72001K Installation Manual

7300ETL-1K Installation Manual

Signo Installation Manual

1550ETL/1650ETL Installation Manual (800 series board)

3500/3600 Installation Manual (800 series board)

7000 Installation Manual (800 series board)

7100 Installation Manual (800 series board)

7200 Installation Manual (800 series board)

7300 Installation Manual (800 series board)

7500 Installation Manual (800 series board)

T5 T7 Manual (800 series board)

H12 Installation Manual (800 series board)

M12 Installation Manual (800 series board)

BA12 Installation Manual (800 series board)

400 Installation Manual

600 Installation Manual

650 mechanical lock

120 Degree installation guide

T5-T7 Push to open guide

318N Receiver programming guide

318N Receiver manual

Common receiver wiring guide

835-836 manual



Oview FCC Addendum

Oview Manual

Oview addendum

MOFB Manual

MOTB Manual

Inti Manual

Era One Manual

SMXI - 318NPI Manual

OXI/A Manual

LPR3 Loop Detector Board Manual

MBAC1K Manual

Oview M/LBar Programming Manual

M-L Bar Manual

Tubular Motor and Controls Manuals

Re-Programming ERA-MAT

Era Mat A


Era Mat T

Era Mat VS E Z MVS

Era Zero


Neo motor wiring addendum-USA

Neomat H motor wiring addendum-USA

Neoplus, Neomat A - T motor wiring addendum-USA

Neoplus MH - LH

Neoplus M-L

NeoXL - Neo XLH

Neo DC


Neomat A

Neomat HT

Neomat T

Oview palm programmer and interface

TTP Palm programmer

Ergo - Plano manual

F210S Optical device

Mindy AO1

Mindy TT4/TT5

Mindy TTO


Nemo wind sun sensor

Niceway manual

Volo-S Radio wind sun sensor

Volo wind sensor

TT2N Manual

TT2N Manual

Gate Operator Technical Drawings

7200-1K (1050)


7200 dimensions

7300-1K (1050)

7300ETL-IL (835)

7300 dimensions

10040390 Limit Assembly (slide gate)

Actuator (front)

Actuator (back)

Actuator (whole)

Actuator dimensions

CHBOX350 3500 Chassis

Chbox350 dimensions

ABOX350 3500 Arm Assembly

Control box (635)

Control box (636)

Control box (835)

Control box (836)

Control box (1050)

Control box dimensions

BA12TETL Dimensions

1050 Retrofit Install Guide

400 upgrade kit - measurements


PM8K Installation Drawing

446 dimensions

4000/8000 series - Base Detail

Lbar - Base Detail

MBar - Base Detail

Other - Files and Manuals

Nice Group USA Two Year Limited Warranty

Nice Group USA Returns Policy

Nice USA RMA Request Form


Solar Certification Letter

1250 Intercom Wiring

SG-4 Field Test

217 MFM Probe Wiring

925 Keypad Programming

926 Keypad Programming

Millennium Keypad Manual

Millennium 951N transmitter programming

1050 input scheduling












Virtual Guides

Viewable from any PC, smartphone or tablet


Click the image

You can now get to know our 1050 Control Board with our new 1050 Virtual Guide. Click the image to the left to easily learn about each part of this new control board.


Click the image

This virtual programming guide will allow you to click or press the programming buttons of the board, and scroll through the available functions and settings just like you would do on a real 1050 control board. Click the image to the left to start your interactive experience with our latest most advanced board yet.

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