International home automation company Nice S.p.A. acquires HySecurity Gate



Everything Changes . . .
Gate operator manufacturer HySecurity Gate, Inc. announced today that it has been acquired by one of the world’s largest and most successful residential and solar gate operator and accessory manufacturers, Nice S.p.A. [Milan stock exchange].

“HySecurity is one of the fastest growing gate operator companies in the United States,” says Brian DeNault, HySecurity CEO. “Yet I saw that HySecurity would greatly benefit with a partner whose global reach and formidable size allows us to increase our product lines and market reach. I found that partner in one of the most successful international gate operator and home automation companies, Nice S.p.A.”

DeNault’s partner search was empowered by his commitment to HySecurity customers. “We’ve grown through product innovation AND by paying attention to the business needs of installers and distributors,” says DeNault. “That means a perfect partner must be reliable, accessible, and a company that builds long lasting, durable, and profitable relationships. I’m happy to say that Nice S.p.A. shows the same high level of customer-centricity HySecurity strives to achieve.”

“The Nice group couldn’t have found a more strategically important U.S. partner than HySecurity” - stated Lauro Buoro, Chairman of Nice S.p.A. “HySecurity has grown an enviable, safety-first, highest quality and reliability brand.
This acquisition gives a boost to our commitment to product design and technology innovation, engineering synergies, increased sales growth and continuous improvement of accessible and professional customer service. Nice home and building automation meets HySecurity”.

“Today we celebrate an important milestone in our industry,” says Davide Pesca, Nice USA CEO. “Our customers and employees will largely benefit from the cooperation and partnership of the two companies moving forward as one. I want to express my gratitude to Brian DeNault, HySecurity CEO and Lauro Buoro, Nice SpA Chairman, for their leadership and vision which made all of this possible."

And Everything Stays the Same
The new, combined U.S. entity maintains product innovation and customer centricity under the continuing leadership of HySecurity CEO, Brian DeNault and Nice USA Davide Pesca.
“However, product is very important,” says DeNault. “The deeper and broader our product lines, the better we serve our customers.” HySecurity’s merger with Nice USA fills an important missing piece of HySecurity product. Nice USA complements HySecurity products with highly successful residential, rural and solar-ready linear actuators and commercial gate operators. Installers know many of those operators under their former Apollo name.

Expect More, Better!
“I spent the better part of my life building HySecurity from a niche, industrial player to an impressive competitor in commercial, industrial, parking and anti-terrorist markets,” says DeNault. “I couldn’t be prouder of the team of highly committed professionals who accomplished this with me. It’s been a roller coaster ride full of thrills, disappointments, and incredible successes.

“Count on HySecurity to continue to build on that foundation. I’m not done. HySecurity and Nice USA will be a great marriage. Our biggest successes lie ahead of us. On that you can rely.”

About Nice S.p.A
Acquiring company Nice, is renowned for industry leading product design in many areas of home automation including automated vehicular gate systems, shutters, blinds and access controls. Established in the early nineties, Nice S.p.A. is one of the major international names in the Home Automation market. Nice products are precisely engineered and solidly constructed to meet all commercial and residential needs. Customers in search of highly reliable residential, light commercial or commercial gate operators choose innovative and advanced Nice products. The Nice Group offers a wide range of integrated automation systems for gates, garage doors, road barriers, awnings and blinds, for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as wireless alarm systems.
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About HySecurity Gate
HySecurity Gate, Inc. is a private company owned by Brian DeNault, its president. It was founded in 1980, however its roots trace back to the early 1960’s. HySecurity is located in Kent, Washington, just south of Seattle. HySecurity designs and manufactures commercial, industrial, parking gate operators and high security automated gate systems and anti-terrorist vehicle barriers. Their products secure most U.S. international airports, the Pentagon, Fort Knox, petrochemical facilities, utilities, server farms and traffic / parking control, and more than a hundred thousand industrial and commercial sites of every size and type.
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About Nice USA
Nice USA, a U.S. subsidiary of Nice S.p.A., manufactures residential and commercial home automation products and owns a leadership position in the residential, rural, and solar-powered automated vehicular gate markets. They entered the U.S. market in 2008 by acquiring U.S. based Apollo Gate Operators, a highly successful solar gate operator manufacturing company founded in 1985. Nice USA is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.
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