The Oview TT



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Once connected, the O-View TT guides the operator through setup of the installation parameters: setting of the electronic limit switches and motor run direction, torque reduction setting, as well as setting and memorization of the transmitters and the Nemo and Volo radio control sensors.

The settings made appear on the LCD screen for instantaneous checking of the parameters set. The graphic interface of the O-View TT, with intuitive screens and context-responsive menus, allows even absolute beginners to program the automation system, with no specialist knowledge required. 

The O-View TT allows the settings made to be saved for future copying, meaning there is no need to repeat the sequence for subsequent automation systems, ensuring accuracy and time-saving especially on complex installations with a large number of systems. 

What a great way to enhance the sleek efficiency of Corradi USA shading systems. You can find out more about this product by following this link:

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