Era s

Complete and intuitive programming, even via radio

Convenient remote adjustment of the limit switches by means of a transmitter or through the o-view TT and TTP palm-top programmers without having to open the box. Three different programming modes for limit switches, guided with simple visual signals: automatic, semiautomatic, manual. Easy programming thanks to feedback from movement of the blind. memory locking to prevent accidental memorizing.

Adjustment of a number of intermediate opening heights.

Connection to weather sensors: wired, without external control units, by radio, with simple intuitive programming.

Maximum precision: the encoder technology guarantees millimetric precision, reliability and maintenance of set values over time. Low consumption in stand-by. Time saving and effortless installation thanks to the double insulation. no earth wire required.

The programming process is more intuitive and with less error chance thanks to the programming levels.

Exclusive Functions

FRT: retracts the fabric by a programmable amount after the awning has been completely opened, thereby eliminating unsightly sagging.

RDC: torque reduction system to stop movement gently without straining the fabric when the closed position is reached.

FTC: specifically for awnings with locking mechanism with automatic hooking.

FTA: specifically for awnings with locking mechanism with manual hooking. guarantees correct tensioning of the fabric at one or more points where there are manual locking points.

Era Mat ST

Tubular motor with electronic limit switch, built-in receiver and TTBus technology. Ideal for indoor roller blinds and sun awnings with straight arms.


E MAT ST 528

44 in. lbs. (5 nm), 28 rpm, 120 v 60 hz

E MAT ST 1013

88.5 in. lbs. (10 nm), 13 rpm, 120 v 60 hz