Era s

Reliable in every situation, available in the following versions:

26.5 in lbs (3 Nm) and 44 in lbs (5 Nm) at 28 rpm, 53 in lbs (6 Nm) and 88.5 in lbs (10 Nm) at 13 rpm.

Compact: useful length 15.82 in (402 mm), for motors with torque up to 88.5 in lbs (10 Nm). Particularly suitable for installation in narrow spaces. Very silent during activation and operation. Ideal in environments where the noise level must be reduced to a minimum.

Simple and practical

Easy adjustment of up and down limit positions thanks to the mechanical stop. Easy to install thanks to the new compact support (533.10010) and the innovative click system to fasten the drive wheel. Time saving and effortless installation thanks to the double insulation: only 3 wires for the power supply. The earthing wire is not required.

Era S

Tubular motor ideal for roller blinds and shutters; for indoor and outdoor applications. With mechanical limit stop.


E S 328 

26.5 in. lbs. (3 Nm), 28 rpm, 120V 60 Hz 1

E S 528 

44 in. lbs. (5 Nm), 28 rpm, 120V 60 Hz 1

E S 613 

53 in. lbs. (6 Nm), 13 rpm, 120V 60 Hz 1

E S 1013 

88.5 in. lbs. (10 Nm) 13 rpm, 120V 60 Hz 1