Era m

The most silent of them all: noise is reduced by over 6 dbA with respect to standard Nice motors. Ideal in environments where minimal noise levels must be maintained.

Compact: overall length of just 17.36 in. (441 mm). Particularly suitable for domestic solutions.

Solutions to meet all needs: usable both for large-scale applications and small structures with the high speed 28 rpm version.

Optimal performance thanks to the new motor system, with renewed geometric interior and the use of exclusive materials. 

Simple to install thanks to the practical fixture and ease of adjustment.

Era Zero M

Tubular motor ideal for roller blinds, blackout and projection screen models, for indoor and outdoor use. Mechanical stop.


E Z M 428 

35 in. lbs. (4 Nm), 28 rpm, 120V 60 Hz

E Z M 818 

71 in. lbs. (8 Nm), 18 rpm, 120V 60 Hz