Synchronized directional photocells for increased installation flexibility. These enable orientation of the beam through 210° on the horizontal axis, to increase system safety and also simplify installation, even when the shutter runs flush with the wall and there is not sufficient space to fix the photocells. The photocell power supply and communication is made through the connection of the tubular motor or control unit with the TTBus system by means of just two wires and without having to respect the polarity. Buttons for the manual opening, closing and stop commands and an 8.2 KOhm constant resistance sensitive edge can be connected to the receiver photocell. The photocell cuts-in in one direction only. 

Suitable for any architectural environment and easy to install Reduced dimensions: 46x128x45 mm; electrical connections can also be made from the lower section of the box. Resilient and safe Poly carbonate casing and FA1 vandal-proof metal shell (optional). Cutting-edge technology Anti-blinding circuit. High  range; alignment with proportional Led for easy and safe installation.


Synchronized photocells, directional through 210° on the horizontal axis and 30° on the vertical axis. Perfect installations, for tubular motors Era Mat MA.



Pair of adjustable photocells with Nice TTBus technology


Vandal-proof metal shell (pc./pack. 2)


Bracket for fixing to MOCF and MOCF2 columns (pc./pack. 5)