433.92 MHz rolling code transmitters with management of Identity Codes and Certificates, self-learning and built-in proximity receiver; with 72 bit O-Code encoding, also compatible with Nice Flor encoding receivers.

Evolved: uses data processing and recognition systems that increase its degree of security and deliver a threefold reduction in automation response times. Easy memorization using a transmitter already programmed in the receiver by enabling Code exchange between the two

Elegant and customized, Nice Inti is also a colorful, useful key-ring.

These transmitters are not compatible with Homelink®


The colorful new line of 2-channel transmitters, available in six colors. Ideal for multi-user systems.


Available colors:

INTI2/A - Black

INTI2B/A - Blue

INTI2G/A - Green

INTI2L/A - Lilac

INTI2R/A - Red

INTI2Y/A - Yellow