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The EPMB/A, EPMOB/A and EPLOB/A photocells detect obstacles on the optical axis between a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX). These devices are equipped with the Nice BlueBUS communication system which makes it easy to connect all the devices up to the control units using two wires only. They are all quite simply connected up in parallel and the addressed jumpers selected according to the function required.The EPMB/A are fixed position photo eyes and the EPMOB/A and EPLOB/A are 30 degree positionable.

Cutting-edge technology: the anti-blinding circuit makes it possible to solve the problem of interference between the detectors and automatic synchronization between several couples of photocells.

BlueBUS Photoeye

EPMB/A, EPMOB/A and EPLOB/A - synchronized photocells with BlueBUS technology.


EPMB/A, EPMOB/A and EPLOB/A Surface-mounted pair of photocells for connection by Nice BlueBUS.

Hard-wearing polycarbonate with elegant and discrete colors

Electronics protected by a second shell