Wind-Sun and Sun sensor via radio, powered by built-in photovoltaic cells.

Available in two versions: 

• with “Wind-Sun” sensor;

• with “Sun” sensor.

No connection: the sensor is powered by sunlight and communicates via radio with the control unit, which, depending on the pulses received, controls movement of the shutter accordingly.

Energy saving: thanks to the free and clean solar energy. Unlimited autonomy: the photovoltaic cells power the sensor, providing a reserve of energy and ensure optimal and safe  management of the automation according to the readings of current climatic conditions.

Ready to use immediately: no need for preliminary charging. Programmable in linear mode, trimmers for the adjustment of the activation thresholds: “Wind” up to 80 km/h and “Sun” up to 60 klux. Simple memorization of settings by means of the practical built-in push button  When the trimmers are set to the test threshold, operation of the Sun-Wind sensors can be checked without the need to simulate the presence of atmospheric events. Optimized sensitivity to  vertical air currents. 

Innovative control and indicator system: a Led (green and red; lit, off or flashing) provides information on the sensor status (exceeding set threshold, malfunctions etc.). 

Nemo is compatible with: 

• Nice tubular motors with built-in receiver; 


The Nemo series of climatic sensors, reliable and precise, detect the weather conditions and manage awning movement in complete autonomy according to the detected weather and environmental conditions.



Wind-Sun sensor via radio powered by built-in photovoltaic cells


Sun sensor via radio powered by built-in photovoltaic cells