The only motor with emergency override mechanism and encoder system for automatic control of the awning tension prevents unsightly sagging and guarantees perfect box closure. Memorizes up to 14 transmitter codes without connecting to the motor; new transmitter codes can be remotely entered after the first has been memorized Acoustic and visual signals to guide through the programming phases.

Two-mode transmitter programming:

I (standard)

II (step-by-step with one button).

Self-learning of limit switch positions and force on rolling shutter. Possibility to program a stop at an intermediate position. Provision for connection via radio with climatic sensors Nemo and Volo S-Radio. 5 wind-sun levels can be adjusted directly on Nemo or Volo S-Radio.

Exclusive functions

RDC: torque reduction system for gently stopping movement without straining the awning when the closing position is reached.

FRT: withdraws the fabric by a programmable measurement after the awning has been completely opened, thereby eliminating unsightly sagging;

FTC: specific for the automation of awnings equipped with automatic hooking, blocking mechanisms such as arbor awnings or in winter gardens.

Limit switch adjustment from radio control unit. Encoder technology guarantees millimetric precision and maintenance of set values over the time, optimal and constant force on rolling shutter or awning. In case of obstacles, inserted bolts or ice, there is a shutter or awning stop through a movement block and a repetition of the maneuver.

Zama motor head.

The compact dimensions of the head section (Ø 3,34 inch - 85 mm) allow to use the motor also in small boxes, where it is completely hidden. Thanks to the radio control adjustment of the electronic limit switch, there is no more the need to leave the head section exposed.

Neomat LHT

Tubular motor ideal for box awnings with manual emergency override mechanism, electronic limit switch, built-in receiver, encoder-controlled movement and sheet gathering.



187 lbs. (85 kg) 20 487 in.lbs. (55 Nm) 


220 lbs. (100 kg) 20 575 in.lbs. (65 Nm) 


264 lbs. (120 kg) 14 708 in.lbs. (80 Nm) 


330 lbs. (150 kg) 14 885 in.lbs. (100 Nm)