In addition to the benefits of the OVBT module, the single system or network of systems can now be controlled via GSM (SIM card required) by connecting O-View to the system via BUS T4. A GPRS connection also enables connection via the Internet to O-View to obtain all management functions offered by the software from any location with no need for presence on site. The user can remotely control the system via GSM, such as opening a gate by means of a phone call or by sending different commands via SMS text message, all secured by a password of your choice.

O-View Software Suite

This application, supplied with OVBT and OVBTGSM, as well as expanding the functions of O-View enables the creation of a database of installations with personal data of clients and configurations of each system, even on more complex versions.

O-View Desktop version for PC:

- Processor: type AMD®/Intel® (500 MHz) Recommended by Nice: type AMD®/Intel® (1 GHz)

- RAM: 128 MB Recommended by Nice: 256 MB

- Free space on disk: 280 MB Recommended by Nice: 512 MB

- Operating system: Windows® 98 SE or later Recommended by Nice: Windows® 2000 or later

- Connection: Bluetooth®

- Graphics resolution: 800 x 600, 256 colours

- Disk drive: CD-Rom (required for installation).

Note – software installation includes installation of the program Microsoft®.NET Framework Redistributable 2.0.

Please note: Package only includes device and necessary accessories. SIM card is not included. In order to access the GSM functions, it is necessary to have a GSM compatible SIM card. 

SIM card may be purchased from the carrier of your choice (charges may apply according to the carriers rates and plans).

* OVBTGSM will not work with any CDMA carriers. Please contact your carrier prior to purchasing to confirm your carrier will support this GSM device.


Bluetooth & GSM connection module for O-View interface.


OVBTGSM - GSM module for O-View and “O-View Software Suite” application for PC.