The TT2N control unit incorporates a radio receiver that operates at the frequency of 433.92 MHz with rolling code technology to guarantee optimal safety levels.
Each control unit can memorize up to 30 transmitters in the series ERGO, PLANO and NICEWAY, which enable the remote control of the unit. In the 30 transmitters, a maximum of 3 VOLO S RADIO climatic radio sensors can be memorized, for the automatic control of the control unit according to weather conditions.
After each command the motor is powered for approx. 150 seconds; this time interval can be modified. During this interval, the electric limit switch in the motor stops movement at the set position.
The control unit is equipped with an input “P/B” for control of the unit also by means of and external pushbutton.
Memorization and programming is possible via the transmitters or direct via the programming pushbutton on the TT2N. 


The TT2N control unit enables the control of a single phase asynchronous motor, mains powered, with connection types: Down, Common, Up, used for the automation of awnings, rolling shutters and similar.