The NiceWay system is based on a number of transmitter modules that can be placed in five different holder models to create a flexible range of made-to-measure solutions. Although the modules are very small in size, they are extremely easy to operate. 

Advanced and compatible 

Frequency of 433.92 MHz, 52 Bit Rolling Code with (over 4.5 million of billion combinations); self-learning function. Compatible with the 433.92 MHz Nice Ergo, Plano. Extended battery life (3 V lithium battery).


To protect the electronic parts from dirt and damp, the rubber function buttons are incorporated in the actual body of the control modules. NiceWay can be used anywhere in the home, in the garage, the living room, the kitchen as well as the bathroom. 


For a more professional and practical use, the system can be programmed by means of the handy Nice palmtops. 

Nice Design 

Sophisticated shock-proof materials, immaculate finish, and essential design: wear, comfort and ease are guaranteed by the internationally renowned and prize-winning Nice design. The choice of discreet or personalized solutions is vast thanks to the wide choice of colors and finishes.